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AcetoneKetone Derivatives
Methyl Ethyl KetoneKetone Derivatives
TolueneAromatic Solvents
Iso Propyl AlcoholAlcohols
Caustic Soda (Flakes/Pellets/Sticks)Inorganic Chemicals
Caustic Potash (Flakes/Pellets)Inorganic Chemicals
Normal ButanolAromatic Solvents
Iso ButanolAromatic Solvents
Benzyl AlcoholAlcohols
PhenolAromatic Solvents
ChloroformHalogenated Alkanes
AcetonitrileSpeciality Chemicals
DimethylformamideSpeciality Chemicals
Ortho XyleneAromatic Solvents
Mix XyleneAromatic Solvents
Butyl AcetateAromatic Solvents
Amyl AcetateAromatic Solvents
Mono Ethyl AmineAmines
Di Ethyl AmineAmines
Di Ethanol AmineAmines
Tri Ethyl AmineAmines
Tri Ethanol AmineAmines
Butyl CellosolveCellosolves
Ethyl CellosolveCellosolves
Propylene Glycol Methyl EtherSpeciality Chemicals
Di Propylene Glycol Methyl EtherSpeciality Chemicals
EpichlorohydrineChlorinated Chemicals
Butyl CarbitolSpeciality Chemicals
Ethyl CarbitolSpeciality Chemicals
Sodium BenzoateInorganic Chemicals
Sodium Nitrate/ NitriteAlkali Metals
Sodium Meta Bi Sulphate/ SulphiteSulfites
Sodium Bi Sulphate/ SulphiteSulfites
Copper SulphateChlorinated Chemicals
Trichloroisocyuranic Acid 90 (TCCA-90)Chlorinated Chemicals
Bleaching PowderChlorinated Chemicals
Mono Ethylene GlycolGlycol
Di Ethylene GlycolGlycol
Propylene GlycolGlycol
Hydrogen PeroxideInorganic Chemicals
Liquid AmmoniaInorganic Chemicals
Phosphoric Acid (Tech/ Food Grade)Acids
Acetic AcidAcids
Hydrochloric Acid (Commercial/ L.R./ A.R/C.P)Acids
Nitric Acid (Commercial/ L.R./ A.R/C.P)Acids
Sulphuric Acid (Commercial/ L.R./ A.R/C.P)Acids
Calcium Chloride (Powder, Prills, Solid)Chlorides
Soda Ash (Light/Dense)Carbonates
TrichloroethyleneChlorinated Chemicals
Sodium Bicarbonate (Technical/Refined)Carbonates
Toluene Di-IsocyanateIsocyanates
Methyl Di-IsocyanateIsocyanates
Ammonium ChlorideChlorides
Sodium HypochloriteChlorinated Chemicals
Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA)Alcohols
Methylene Di Chloride (MDC)Chlorinated Chemicals
Silica GelOthers
Fumed Silica (Silicon Di-Oxide)Others
Citric AcidOthers
Potassium PermanganteOthers

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